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               You have found the website of the Missionary Church in Freeman, SD. Thanks for visiting.

             We have had the joy of serving in Freeman, and the surrounding community, for over 50

             years. In fact, in Sept. of 2019, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. For more go to the

            'celebrating 50 years' page, or click right here

             Here at the Missionary Church we celebrate the love of God and new life in Christ through worship and praise;                      we cultivate personal growth in Jesus Christ through  preaching, teaching, and study; we care about one another                  in Jesus Christ through demonstrations of genuine concern and sharing of ourselves with one another; we 
             communicate Jesus Christ to the world through one on one relationships, community outreach ministries, and                      world missions.

             This is an exciting place to be. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, whether early on in investigating God,                 a long time follower of Jesus, or anywhere in between we would love to have you be a part of our church family!

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Disciples are people who reflect the character and priority of Jesus. They pursue an intimate relationship with the Father, seek to be holy people, reflect dependence on the Father, care deeply for lost people, are committed to leading others to life as disciples of Jesus, and seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world.

Pastors are pulled in many directions. Some expect them to be CEOs of a growing religious organization. Others expect them to be great orators, able to engage the attention of congregants each week. There are those who want them to be great counselors able to solve marriage problems. Then there are those who want them to be the political voice in the community and lead the church in political matters.

Pastors are called, like all of us, to live as disciples of Jesus, which includes leading a disciple-making culture. The weight of that responsibility and the pressures that others often place on them can be overwhelming; so much so that many leave ministry before reaching retirement.

If you read stories of people like Moody, Spurgeon, and Graham, you will read of people who regularly prayed for them. These leaders would attribute the “success” of their ministry to the people who prayed. The month of October is often recognized as “Pastor Appreciation Month.” Perhaps the greatest expression of appreciation one can engage in is to commit to pray for them.

Pastors serve because of a call on their lives. They do it not for money or accolades, but because they love Jesus and because He called them to serve in this capacity as pastor. You have the privilege of partnering with your pastor in ministry by praying for him/her. Your prayers may be the key to the effectiveness of his/her ministry. Your prayers do make a difference.


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